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I would like to explore the way children imagine/ fantasy and think and the way they see their world. As a father of a 4year old boy, I would love to explore deeper the thoughts and ideas he has about a fantasy/imaginary world. Our world, it is so different from children’s world, and this is what I want to capture…his fairy tale.



I want to learn more about children’s psychology, and the way they think. I have order some books about that (I’m not at home at the moment, so I will update my list later on), but mostly I will try to analyse and categorised my sons thoughts. In a way he will guide me and drive me through his thoughts.

Practical: Produce a 2d storyboard, draw the characters and the environment (2d), model the character (3d), animate them, model the environment (3d), composition the 3d environment and the characters and adding s/fx and sound.


The main research is to record my sons’ thoughts and ideas on his fantasy/imaginary world. I will use sound recording devices, fast sketches, his sketches/drawings and anything that has to do with his Fantasy/imaginary world. That can be toys he likes, DVD he likes to watch, TV shows etc.



I will use anything from traditional drawing to 3D and compositing computer software, like MAYA, After Effects, Photoshop and many more plus the traditional medium like, pencil colours, graphite, aquarelles, pen and many more.


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8 01 2007

Hello Christos(?)

I happened along your site while researching data for my own web based project. Your subject matter was curious because I am the father of a Christmas Day baby and am daily amazed as I watch how she develops and interprets her unfolding new world.

I enjoy computer graphics and intend on the use of some elements of animated character design a little later in the project. Possibly I could get some advice.

A wonderful book that I would like to suggest is “Different Children, Different Needs” by Charles F. Boyd available through
Multnomah Publishers, Inc. Sisters, Oregon.

Good Luck with your project. Check in at and keep me posted.


8 01 2007

Thanks Gary for your comment. I will have a look at the book you have suggest me. Drop me a mail if you need any help with your project.

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