3W28 – A dream come true

2 07 2008

Finally, after one year of hard work and research on Doctors of the World I can be a part of this great humanitarian organization. On the 12th of July I am going to fly with them to Kyrgyzstan for a week, on a surgery mission of around 100 kids.

I will upload some photos when I get back.


3W25 – Must See!!!

14 06 2008

I was doing some research on the net trying to find how, when why etc the mind influence the Artist and I came across this outstanding film about a young autistic artist is taken up in a helicopter over Rome, and then, over the next 3 days, draws it ALL by memory. Just remember to pump up the volume since the recording is very quiet.

3W21 – Essay / statement

25 05 2008

This week was completely devoted to write my essay / artist statement. Even though I was working until late at work, because of the Champions League Final, plus the Olympics 2008 I found my self spending several hours on the essay.

It is strange some times how an actual piece of work can make you so concentrate that you loose track of time. I have almost finish the first part (artist statement) and I need to start working on the explanatory comment and critical evaluation of my own work in the context of current creative practice and reflection.

Storyboard Artist – From Wikipedia

Storyboard artist (sometimes referred as story artist) is a profession specialized in creating storyboards for advertising agencies and film productions.

A storyboard artist is able to visualize any stories using quick sketches on paper at any moment. Quick pencil drawings and marker renderings are two of the most common traditional techniques, although nowadays Flash, Photoshop, and other storyboard applications are gradually taking over. The digital camera is one of the latest techniques in creating storyboards.

A storyboard artist is also known as an illustrator or visualizer. They are mostly freelance artists, typically hired by art directors and film directors. Deadlines are always tight, and overnight working is very common.

The most frequently used storyboard applications are Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. Some storyboard artists nowadays begin and finish their work on computers using drawing software and digital pencils like Wacom (Graphics tablet), thus saving time, which is a major priority for a storyboard artist.

For motion pictures, some filmmakers prefer that artists use computer programs designed to create frame-accurate storyboards such as FrameForge 3D Studio. Programs such as Poser and DAZ Studio can also be used to create very accurate storyboards.

Storyboard artists have different goals and methods:

  1. In advertising, the storyboard artist must not only create an accurate representation of what the TV commercial will look like but also create fine art that will appeal to the client who must buy the concept.
  2. Normally, when a storyboard artists is hired by a motion picture company, the storyboard artist must break the scene down into shots which can be filmed. Therefore, the storyboard artist must know all of the technology of filmmaking as well as being a good artist.
  3. Sometimes, a motion picture production company will hire a storyboard artist to create beautiful and exciting works of art that can be used by the executive producer to raise millions of dollars. In this case, the storyboard artist must be a fine artist or commercial illustrator. Filmmaking background is not important.
  4. And some storyboard artists must be able to create fully frame-accurate storyboards for very precise planning of the filming a motion picture. In this case, 2D images are not good enough. The storyboard artist must be able to work with 3D animation software or specially designed 3D previsualization programs which simulate a motion picture camera on a 3D model of the movie set. In this case, the storyboard artist might not draw anything but rather use the 3D program to do all of the drawing.

1W32 …the ‘List’

23 04 2007


At the moment I am trying to build the chart of things that influence my son’s way of thinking and at what extend.

This week

This week I have gathered the things that play a big role in my son’s life and his way of thinking.

In no particular order here is the list:

Father, Mother, Grandmother (N), Grandfather (A), Grandmother (R), Grandfather (G), Karate, Xbox (sci-fi game), Wii(sport game), uncle (T), auntie (G), pet, gardening, school (classmates, teacher), relatives (An, Iak, Raf, Ioan, Th), Cartoons (wo, Sc), DvD (Sw)

Until next week I will break down the list with more info until I reach to a point where I can put the list in an order of the amount they influence him.

1W31 …the development

18 04 2007

The development

This week I have tried to figure out at what extend my son gets influenced by cartoons. I have asked him to tell me a fiction story right after he saw Scooby Doo and then at night I have asked him to tell me a new story. The result was not exactly what I was expected to be. He didn’t use any ‘characters’ from the cartoons, but instead he; in both of his stories, used the two characters from the story that I told him the night before, before he sleeps.


What I am trying to do at the moment is to build a chart of what influence my son more. Building this chart will help me understand more how my son things and more important will help me understand WHY? he things the way he things.

1W30 …story development

10 04 2007

The Story

“… and then a power spell was cast from the mage…” these words are part of my latest sons’ story. His new story involves magic, casting spells and fighting from distance.


There is a certain pattern that I can see in the development of my sons’ stories. From a very close combat stories/fights, he moved to a more “distance” fights. As he crows up he realized the danger of close combat and he seems to understand what the outcome may be out of such a fight. I am certain that the main factor to lead him to this change is his karate lessons. The more he gets into karate the more he realizes the dangers of such a fight. It is not that he afraid, but is more the knowledge he gains from the lessons. He knows that no fight is good, unless you are in a great danger. He learned that even though you may be stronger you better avoid the fight.

1W29 …references

10 04 2007

Photos for references

My visit to Greece was a very proactive visit for my project. I had the chance to visit the museum of Acropolis and take some photos of some creature statutes. I will use these photos as animal references, and references to design my “3D animal”.



I took also some photos from a weapon seller at Monastiraki. The photos of the melee weapons will give me a better idea of how to design my own 3D models. The details are great and the designs are very good.




The Story

It seems that every day my sons’ stories developed into more “magical” ones. He likes to use more of power spells rather than body to body fights. This is something that may lead me to change the final story until the end of this year.