3W27 – a big thanks

23 06 2008

It seems everything are in order… essay, final project, blog site etc.

I would like to thank every one that helped out to setup our exibition at Camberwell and It is pitty that I can not  be there. A special thanks to Anthos for taking care of my project.


3W26 – Exporting WordPress

14 06 2008

Andy asked us to deliver him a CD/DVD of assessment evidence.

This is a small tutorial how you can export your WordPress Blog site to ftp

1) In your web site (blog site) go to Dashboard -> Manage -> Export and press Download Export File at the bottom. Save to Disk

2) go to http://www.blogbooker.com and press PDF on the top left hand corner -> select WordPress -> and in the first field where it says WordPress XML Export browse for your XML file the one you export in step1. At the place where it says Blog URL just fill in your wordpress web site…for example https://dotworld.wordpress.com. Select font size, kind of fond and press create your BlogBook

Good Luck 😉

3W24 – New Chat

14 06 2008

Today we had a chat in a new environment chat place where it use Java. Unfortunately I couldn’t join at that time cause of my IT at work which is not allowed any Java application and also we are behind firewall which is not allowed some ports. I hope we don’t use that chat environment, because it is very hard to get off work every Thursday and use my PC at home to chat.

Anyways one way or another I have gather the info from the chat which was mostly focused on the details of the final exhibition. I did send an email to Andy to send me if possible the chat log but it was a bit of a mess since at that time they used voice chat as well – but this log has only the written part

3W23 Artist Statement

14 06 2008

Finlay, all the written work is done !! One file (artist statement.doc) , two written part have been send out to Andy today

1) Artist statement

2) and a critical evaluation of my own work in the context of current creative

A part of artist statement…

‘…My current piece of Art is doubtless the most important of all I have created up to now. What makes it so special is the fact that I have discovered my sons’ inner self, the way he thinks and understand his surroundings. I have ‘hear’ his needs and I have gather so many information about my son that it will lead me just to become a better and more intellectual artist in a sense of thinking and exploring things, but the most important of all it will make me a better father; a father that understands and knows his sons needs…’

3W22 – Thoughts

25 05 2008

I was thinking the way I want to make the presentation of my work at my location. Firstly I thought to make the show at my my own office on a big LCD screen and the laptop on the side.

After I had some chat with friends about my idea of presenting my work, Aris told me ‘why dont you make your work mobile…?’ and put me into thoughts.

What if I just take my work to the viewers instead of coming to me? I should just take the laptop and go around and present my work to several people…and maybe I can have some kind of comments form to complete.

This is something I should sleep on it and think about it.

3w20 – Presentation

25 05 2008

This week I had my colloquium presentation. I had some great responses and questions. Overall people liked it and the feedbacks where very productive and well thought. I believe at this stage, I can say that we have succeed to deliver our best of our self in this final presentation before the final show.

The only thing that worries me, is that I have just a very few chances to go to the actual show, because of my work 😦 .

I have also start working on my essay and I just find my self short of time. Well I guess after all thats one of the biggest challenge in the duration of my master degree.

Final Project

I have upload also my final web site at dot-studios.com/create where I have include the info part as well after a short experiment of just letting people to guess what is the site all about

3W19 – Colloquium

25 05 2008

This week I spent my time working on my colloquium. I’ve tried make a bit more ‘live’ presentation rather just text and voice over; so I’ve shoot my self on a green screen background and then I import all the materials to after effects.

I’ve made the composition of the material in after effects, and then I’ve exported the pieces in premiere where I’ve edit the video and sound to complete the final piece

In general I’m pretty happy with the result, even though I had some technical problems with green screen. The solution that I found is by painting green, a corner in my living room and lighting the background.

…by the way…my wife liked the color, and I had to paint the whole living room at the end 😉