3W17 – Web 2.0

28 04 2008

We got an interested paper from Jonathan of Manovich essay about Web 2.0 and we where suppose to discuss about it in the chat session. Unfortunately my isp at work got flipped and I was getting a lot of disconnections. Anyways, thanks to Birgitt I got the chance to read the chat log afterwards and it turned out to be a very nice chat. Some very interesting points where raised and in general I aggred that Manovich is right to the point… in some cases. For example he says that “Web 2.0″ is about making connections between people and media, and more connections = more possibilities for creativity”; this is so true in my opinion and I still believe that big business control the ‘game’ of web…They produce so many web sites to attract youngsters, artist and anyone of us; its just like TV ads… they direct you where they, exactly, want.

Web 2.0

I have done a small research about web 2.0 and I end up with a very interesting video post on youtube. If you have some time it is really worth to view it.




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