3W16 – Web Site

28 04 2008

I have start this week refining my web site / final project to its final form. I have at all stop ‘music button’ for each effect and I have write down the info and the ‘how to’ use the site.

Info / How to


1. Drag an image from the lower 3rd to the main stage.
2. Create a sequence of images / a storyboard or just mix around the images to create your painting.
3. Play with the sound effects around and try to make your own story. tip: press sound key more than once
4. Be creative and explore… you can always press the reset button

General info

This project was developed out of a 5 years old kid’s mind. This site does exactly what a child do when he develops a story, a fairytale or his/her thoughts and his/her own fantasy world. Images flying around and sounds pop out of nowhere. The images are not so clear, a bit abstract and blurring…just like a kid’s vision and understanding about his/her surrounding. This is your canvas and you are the artist… just like a child’s mind.”




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