3W15 – Response

28 04 2008

I have send out a link to the rest of the MADA students where they can view my a web site with my project. http://www.dot-studios.com/create

I have intentionally left out all the info of how and what is this web site about, so I will get a clearer point of view of what they think it is about. To make people explore and play with it with out any limits or ‘rules’. This is a non-linear web-story project after all. Just the same way any kids mind is working; non-linear and and the unknown is what they like to explore.

The responses

In general most of the viewers that played with my site at this phase they told me that they spend some time at first just playing around with sound and images before they even go to info button to read instructions. At some point though some of them needed some general info of what this site it is supposed to be about.




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