Paul – feedback for his ‘instructions’

5 03 2008

After I received the email from Paul requesting some feedbacks about his work I’ve send him my thoughts


Hi Paul,


I got on your blog side but I cant view the video. I have download your pdf and I love the idea of the certificate. Its a nice way to prove that your work have een seen; can I use the idea of the certificate myself? is that ok by you? (not the same of course J). Some comments for the folding instructions. At first it was a bit confusing when I saw it…it seems that you need to have some experience with printing to understand at once what you need to do. Maybe you can add some photos of how it suppose to look when you fold this out. People have a tendency to understand better with photo-instructions. Overall its a very well build instructions-certificate print out. Well done.


Christos Demosthenous


From: Paul Thompson []
Sent: 26 February 2008 20:49
To: 05130A291_Q07-08 :
Subject: could you try this out for me: 05130A291_Q07-08



could you have a look at this link to my blog – have a look at the material watch the video – download then print the pdf and have a go at making the thing

then if you don’t mind – give me feedback on how i might improve the instructions






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