3W11-Interface and Sound Fx

5 03 2008

This week I spent my time working on the design of my interface for my project,and also I spent a lot of time gathering and editing sound efx from several videos that I had my son on. The result is amazing and I love the way that you can mix and match sounds. Now the only major problem that I have to overcome is the scripting of my site. I did play around a bit but I will focus on it next week. I need to solve the scripting issues before I go on and create one more interface and have my fellow students to choose which one they like more. Find below a prototype of my project and play around with the sound. I would love to have some feedback even at this point.



3W10 – New Look

5 03 2008

I spend this week working on the look that I want to achieve with my images that I’m going to include in my project.

I have try to merge realistic drawings – images – photos and abstract look.

Here are some images I have done this week. All of the images are inspiration from my sons stories.

boxing.jpg Boxing under the see

firebird.jpg Fire Bird

diamond_flowers.jpg Diamond Flowers

robot_clawn.jpg Robot Clown

The images  are made in layers; some of them over 50 layers in photoshop. In some images I have add Photos and Drawings, where in some others It is just scan drawings with digital paint.

Paul – feedback for his ‘instructions’

5 03 2008

After I received the email from Paul requesting some feedbacks about his work I’ve send him my thoughts


Hi Paul,


I got on your blog side but I cant view the video. I have download your pdf and I love the idea of the certificate. Its a nice way to prove that your work have een seen; can I use the idea of the certificate myself? is that ok by you? (not the same of course J). Some comments for the folding instructions. At first it was a bit confusing when I saw it…it seems that you need to have some experience with printing to understand at once what you need to do. Maybe you can add some photos of how it suppose to look when you fold this out. People have a tendency to understand better with photo-instructions. Overall its a very well build instructions-certificate print out. Well done.


Christos Demosthenous


From: Paul Thompson [mailto:Paul.Thompson@forthvalley.ac.uk]
Sent: 26 February 2008 20:49
To: 05130A291_Q07-08 :
Subject: could you try this out for me: 05130A291_Q07-08




could you have a look at this link to my blog – have a look at the material watch the video – download then print the pdf and have a go at making the thing

then if you don’t mind – give me feedback on how i might improve the instructions



Paul – Design Pattern

5 03 2008

I have send to Paul a nice book to check out — the link is from my personal website so anyone can download it





this is the link to my website — u can get the book I was talking to you from here 🙂



Publication – Peggy – Requesting…

5 03 2008

I have send an email today to Peggy with some requests or better some questions so I can arrange my schedule when I will have time to make the animations and the edit for the loop that its gonna play on the screens to our show

Hello Peggy,


Do you know when are we going to have a final logo for our show? And posters?

It will be great if I can have those so I can work  on the piece that it’s going to loop on the screens in the show since everyone seems to be ok with that idea.


Thanks a lot

Christos Demosthenous