Publication Idea – Evi Michalaki

21 02 2008

This is a Follow up of my idea on creating an animation for a TV and also to add posters insted of printing  – to save money and papaer.

Goodmorning all!
I think it is a brilliant idea!
See you on…….when?

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From: Peggy Jordan <>
To: katrin maria escay <>;;;;;;
Cc: Christos Demosthenous <>
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 9:38:27 AM
Subject: Fwd: design

Greetings felllow publication members,


Its been brought to my attention about having a 3D animation – (maybe an opening of the show 30sec with music etc) with Logo design and Poster design viewed on a plasma TV. 


This would save £££ on printing posters and also its better for the environment.  We might be able to save a tree branch!  Sorry…Monday morning humor…I’m working on it.


Let me know what you all think and if it would be worth bringing up in our next meeting.




Peggy Jordan


Thanks Christos!

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From: Christos Demosthenous <christos@dot-studios>
Date: Feb 16, 2008 12:02 PM
Subject: design


Hi Peggy,

This is Christos from online MADA. I will post some things I can do so you have in mind how you may want to arrange ‘Publication’ things around.

1)      3D animation – (maybe an opening of the show 30sec with music etc)

2)      Logo design

3)      Poster design

4)      Editing of any video

I think it will be nice to have on a plasma TV (or LCD) at the entrance of the show a loop video of the show ‘name’ rather just still posters.

Let me know what you thing.

Christos Demosthenous



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