3W09 – Looking Back

21 02 2008

I catch my self going back on my work, especially the work for my MADA, and I see how It got developed to what it is today.

Did I succeed?

Is this the feeling I want to create/show my piece?

How and from whom I got influence at most?

Is it developed enough?

Do I get involved and do I help my fellow students?

Well, these and many more questions spinning in my head every day, and I don’t feel this is bad or annoying. Actually it is the opposite. I feel that taking this course, helped me more like an artist; more than I actually expected.

Now did I finally succeed? I sure did. At least in personal level I feel I have gain a lot and this is a success for me.

About my project and my art work, I am very sure that the development lead me to a new way of thinking; a more mature and more artistic. Getting out of the standards, and self boundaries I feel more complete as an Artist.

Well…do I feel I got my piece developed a lot? The ‘path’ it is there. The work foundations are there, and the pieces of the puzzle are lay down on the table; all I have to do its to put the piece together.

I didn’t expect to get so involved with other students; not that I didn’t want to, put due to limited time that I have in my life. I feel very lucky to have such a good and artistic group around me.




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