3W08 My Input on Final Show

20 02 2008

After some thoughts that I have about the final show I came up with some ideas that I shared with Peggy the leader of Publication team.

I told her that I can do an animation (opening-loop) for the show and we can play it on a screen.

We can also have all the posters and ‘paper’ work, added to this piece so we don’t spent time or money on printing, and mostly we could do our little share of saving the environment. You can have a look at the email at https://dotworld.wordpress.com/category/emailspresentation/ and see the follow ups e.t.c

PhD – talking with Doctors of the world

This week I had a meeting with the founder of Doctors of the world-Cyprus Dr. Elleni Theocharous. I must admit that I got the chills just by talking to her. She is just an amazing woman and she has achieved so much in her life, which it’s an honour to anyone to talk to her. The greatest thing of all is that she was so enthusiastic about my idea, and she told me that she will help me all the way to make this come true. She also told me that I can travel with them around the world and video recording everything. There next mission will take place, early of this March and I can travel with them.




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