3W07 Wikispaces

20 02 2008

These 3 weeks will be very hard for me to ‘over-work’ with my MADA project since I’m going to work until very late for the presidential elections that takes place in Cyprus, but still I will keep up with chats and so on.


Today I have added myself at our MADA Wiki place (http://madigitalarts.wikispaces.com/MA+Final+Show), as one of the ‘members’ of the publication team.

Final Show

For the final show I’m not sure if I will have the time to travel to England to setup my piece and stay there until it finished. Will see how other students will overcome this problem and I will try to find a solution myself. I may do it local and webcast it or something.

Other Artist


I made a little search on the web this week to, trying to find more Interactive Storyboard artists. Well I must say that it’s a bit hard to find exactly what I am doing. Nevertheless, I did found an artist called Brian (http://murraystudios.com/gallery.html#Anchor-23522), where his work is to do digital storyboards. I found his work very ‘clean’ and right to the point, but unfortunately it’s not the style I want to create in my piece. When I started my MADA this was the style that I wanted to follow, but not anymore. Next week I will try to find some more abstract storyboards work, or even some abstract artist to get some influence from.




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