Publication – Peggy

16 02 2008

Today we got the update for the MA show from Tara and Katrin. As I wrote on Wikispaces I can help with Publications (,and now that we have our leaders of each section we know where to send our ideas and thoughts. So I did send an email to Peggy Jordan with what I can do and some ideas. See below the email I send and the reply I got

Hi Christos,


I think that is a great idea.  Let me discuss with the other members of the group for feedback.






On 2/16/08, Christos Demosthenous <christos@dot-studios> wrote:

Hi Peggy,

This is Christos from online MADA. I will post some things I can do so you have in mind how you may want to arrange ‘Publication’ things around.

1)      3D animation – (maybe an opening of the show 30sec with music etc)

2)      Logo design

3)      Poster design

4)      Editing of any video

I think it will be nice to have on a plasma TV (or LCD) at the entrance of the show a loop video of the show ‘name’ rather just still posters.

Let me know what you thing.

Christos Demosthenous





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