3W06 Tutorial

13 02 2008


This week I had my first tutorial for MADA3 with Jonathan. We talked about general thinks about my project, but we focused mainly on 3 things.

§ that everything is clear from my unit 2 feedback

§ plans for the end of unit 3 ie. exhibition etc

§ that everything is clear for the objectives for unit 3

As I told Jonathan I was very clear about the feedback, but one. Somewhere they told me about Harvard system, that I need to use it correctly, and I asked him to point out where was the problem. He couldn’t tell me at the moment, because he didn’t have my essay in front of him. He said he will email me back on that.

Final Sound/Sound fx

As for the plans for the end of unit 3 we talked a bit general about the interface of my final web site and how to make it more ‘clear’. We also talked about sound (he liked the fact of overlapping and playing the sound over and over where it can also be mixed; and then Jonathan (as always) dropped a great idea about sound; to have the stories that my son narrated and also some sound effects from my son. Can this work out? I think so it will be great and unique as it comes to variety of sound and the fact that it will be in Greek.

Final look on Images

We talk also about the final look of the images within my web site. I decided to do something different of what I used of doing. I will great more abstract images and do some photo/digitization compositing. Jonathan showed me Myriorama http://billdouglas.ex.ac.uk/eve/results.asp?item=69238&keywords=myriorama– a web page that shows a series of cards from quite a long time ago where you can place them in different order and still will have similar horizon line.


Interaction with other students

We also talked about assessment and that its important to contribute and have an interaction with other students, as well contribute to wiki so I decide to do a whole different section for interaction




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