11 02 2008

PhD Proposal

This week I spend it entirely on preparing for my (brief) PhD proposal. After the chat that we had with Matthew Whyte about PhD studies at University of the Arts London I decide that I will try to continue my studies with my current university. I did write a very brief proposal and I send it to Matthew to review it. I really hope he will tell me to go on with that and that its acceptable the theme that I choose for my research

The main idea

I decide that I want to do something that it will actually help or benefit the humanity in some kind, so I choose to make a documentary and a photo/album book about the Doctors of the World – Cyprus (http://www.achilleous.com/yiatroi/index.html). If I am going to spend a great deal of my time I want to be sure I will offer something.


The List

Now, the factors to achieve this are enormous. I can go for ever with things that I have to do. To make this happen it’s a chain of people and organizations that I have to ‘bother’ and convince them to help me out. Some of my main concerns are:

1) Will the doctors of the world allow me to travel with them?

2) How about the place that I work? Will they allow me to be absent?

3) Expences? Travel – equipments?

4) Sponsors?

Well these are just a small amount of things to do.

I hope my research will get accepted by University and I wish to produce something that it will touch the hearts of the Cypriots and not only. By doing this I will show that Art can help in many ways and it’s not just a form that people can view for their amusement only.




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