3W04 Images

15 01 2008

Pass Weeks 

Well here we are again after a good break of work for me I am back with fully loaded batteries for this New Year. Over the vacations I had the chance to read two interesting books that have to do with digital art. The first one is called Digital Art (world of art) by Christiane Paul. It covers art projects, and in general it is a guide for new media creators. The other one is called Creative Code: Aesthetics + Computation by John Maeda. This book also covers some interesting projects, but never the less something is missing to make the images meaningful.


I have created over 10 final images that I can include in my project and around 60 more ready for digital processing. As I go back and I see how I start creating the images and where I am going with it, I am still not totally sure that this is the feeling I want to give on my images. I am not sure if I want them to look realistic, abstract or both.

The Research

I have started a new research on digital art images. I believe it is something that will help me determine the final look on my images. I am usually working on more realistic look and I think I want to do something new; something more abstract or something different of what I am used of doing. An artist that I liked his work a lot is Karin Kuhlmann. He use Painter and Photoshop for his creative processes in order to release his inner pictures.



A very impressive web site that I found its http://www.withdigitaleyes.com/ where you can find impressive images …original digital mixed media images are a fascinating mix of traditional and contemporary elements.






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