2W34 Completion

10 12 2007

Paper Work

Finally the ‘paper’ work is over. I complete and submit all of my essays and now all that I wait is the results. Having that out of the way I can focus on some of my drawings. The prototype will help me out to make my images, keeping constant proportions of size and length.

The Drawings

I have to change some of my drawings to fit the length of my prototype drawing and make it a bit sharper since it is a small size, so the viewer understands what it is about. By creating my prototype it help me a lot to develop new ideas of the processes of the creation of my images and my drawings.


I believe that I have successfully complete all of the MADA 2 requirements. Even thought I am not the person who enjoys the writing part I am must say that I enjoy writing and researching for my PGPD and my essays. I didn’t just enjoy writing the papers but mostly I benefit from the processes. The methodology that I follow was very constructive and productive, and it will help me to develop my final presentation and project without any doubts.




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