2W33 Prototype – Swf

3 12 2007

I spent this week working on my prototype. I am using swish max and Photoshop cs3 at the moment and after effects cs3 for some modifications. At the moment you can see what it’s working and what to expect to come

Working on site:

1) Music Mixer – you can enable any off the three music pieces. You can play the music many times over each other and on itself or you can disable anyone you like or all. (just try it by pressing 2-3 times a single music piece)

2) Drag and drop images – you can drag and drop the image anywhere you like. I decide not to put borders since this gives more freedom to the user and makes it a ‘real’ non-linear interactive site

3) You can change the colour of the background to feed the mood you like

4) The info button is working if you hover over it

To come:

1) the left and right button to scroll images

2) more images

4) complete info

5) reset button

6) and I will change the music pieces to a non-copyrighted

Press on the link to view my prototype(1.8mb).http://dot-studios.com/prototype.swf




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