2W29 Discussion Paper

1 12 2007

I spent this week, mostly writing my discussion paper. This paper it has the same theme as my PGPD paper with the only difference being the fact that we needed to discuss about what is our personal believes with supporting quotes.

My paper was about Video Games and Art, and more specifically if we can consider Video Games as art.

Even though they are many people to believe that video games should consider as a simple ‘entertaining’ process and nothing more. Some others say it should consider as a craft since it has ‘skills’ involved.

The majority of people of course, just like me; they believe that video games are not just art, but the most advance form of it. It is a form that involves all the forms of art like painting, compositing (music), lighting, photography, cinematography, drawing and many many more. The only thing that someone may wonder and argue about video games it is about how good or bad the art it is in these games.





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