2W28 Tutorial

1 12 2007

Today I had my second tutorial for MADA 2 with Andy. It was a brief and right to the point. We talked about the turn that my project got – from 3d animation to an interactive storyboard, the openness to the project and how positive it is.

He also explained to me what we need to present by December and that I also need to explore the presentation of my work – so explain how I see my work in the final show. I am still not very clear how I will present my work, but I don’t see any other way, but have it online and people just mess around with it, I guess that is the interesting part; the freedom of people messing and interact with my project. Interacting and messing around exactly as a child brain works. A child of the age of five he will just drag images from his brain and then he/she lay them down to create his fantasy story. This openness and interaction I want to pout in my project.




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