2W27 PGPD(done)

30 10 2007


 Finally, I have finished my PGPD. Even though it was a time consuming process I finished my paper on time and within my schedule. My paper is about if we can consider video games art. I compare other forms of art like music and films with video games to come to the conclusion that video games are the most advance form of art.

 The Research

 The main outcome of this paper was to learn how to ‘research’ and I must tell you that I have achieved this in a great amount. Since day one I am gathering materials that I was sure they where going to help me in my MADA, and they sure did. I found my self going back, since the first time PGPD was introduced to us, and finding info on several parts of my paper.

 The Outcome

I am very satisfied with the outcome and my final paper. I am sure I have achieved all the requirements, and I have produced a fine research paper; A paper that for sure can give me the tools to proceed with success to my next goal which is a PhD degree.




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