2W25 More Reading and testing

10 10 2007


I had to finish reading my books and takes notes for my PGPD paper so I can finish it as soon as possible, so I can start with my presentation and my essay.

My Project

I had to make some more testing with the quality and the size of my images that I am going to use in my final project. I think I have reached to a descent point where quality and size are ‘affordable’ to my final project. See below one of the images I am going to use as it comes to size in kb and the quality. So the size of the image (that will show in my storyboard) is 36.5KB and dimensions 266×140. I end up with these calculations after some testing for my final site with dimension 800×640. See below some testing.

Here u can see how I end up with dimensions


Here  is the working file in jpg form (size 599kb and dimensions 720×576)


…and here is the final image I am going to use for the storyboard (size 36.5kb and dimensions 266×140)





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