2W22 Tutorial

3 10 2007

The Project


 This week I had my first tutorial for my 2nd and last year of my MADA. I chat with Jonathan about my project and how I am I doing and going in general with it. I was glad that he liked my idea and how it was evolved in the course of my project.


We chat about the changes I will make and the amount of images I will include in my interactive storyboard. As I told him I will try to make around 50 unique images. The only limitation I am worried about is the technical side of my project. For example I am not sure how ‘heavy’ the side will be to be viewed and load from any user around the world. My major concern will be if I will add a ‘moving’ background at each image. That will make a total of 50+ movies to be added in my project of 600kb each approximately; so I will end up with 35meg just for the moving images which is a lot for a web based presentation/project. I will make some tests to see if I can lower the compression of each movie, if the resolution is bad I rather go with quality and have the backgrounds still.




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