30 10 2007

This is the email I send to Andy, Jonathan and the rest of the students with the info of my presentation. It seems there was an error with my mail and only some got them. You can also double check the day I upload my video presentation at youtube at

emai1      email2      email3


2W27 PGPD(done)

30 10 2007


 Finally, I have finished my PGPD. Even though it was a time consuming process I finished my paper on time and within my schedule. My paper is about if we can consider video games art. I compare other forms of art like music and films with video games to come to the conclusion that video games are the most advance form of art.

 The Research

 The main outcome of this paper was to learn how to ‘research’ and I must tell you that I have achieved this in a great amount. Since day one I am gathering materials that I was sure they where going to help me in my MADA, and they sure did. I found my self going back, since the first time PGPD was introduced to us, and finding info on several parts of my paper.

 The Outcome

I am very satisfied with the outcome and my final paper. I am sure I have achieved all the requirements, and I have produced a fine research paper; A paper that for sure can give me the tools to proceed with success to my next goal which is a PhD degree.

2W26 Presentation

23 10 2007

The Presentation

Another one presentation is completedJ. This week I spent my time by working on my MADA2 presentation. In this presentation I have included my aim, context, research and the prototype of my final project. 

To complete this presentation I worked on photoshop, after effects, premiere, soundforge, particle illusion, painter and swish. It took me about 4days to complete it.

You can view it at youtube at

2W25 More Reading and testing

10 10 2007


I had to finish reading my books and takes notes for my PGPD paper so I can finish it as soon as possible, so I can start with my presentation and my essay.

My Project

I had to make some more testing with the quality and the size of my images that I am going to use in my final project. I think I have reached to a descent point where quality and size are ‘affordable’ to my final project. See below one of the images I am going to use as it comes to size in kb and the quality. So the size of the image (that will show in my storyboard) is 36.5KB and dimensions 266×140. I end up with these calculations after some testing for my final site with dimension 800×640. See below some testing.

Here u can see how I end up with dimensions


Here  is the working file in jpg form (size 599kb and dimensions 720×576)


…and here is the final image I am going to use for the storyboard (size 36.5kb and dimensions 266×140)


2W24 Web Structure

10 10 2007

Interactive Site

I have lay down the structure of my web based final project. I am going to use swish for it ( a flash based software. My main concern is how I am going to make it possible for someone to drag one image from the small ones into the box above and fit in to the right proportion and size. Below you can see the layout and the structure of my site.

stageone.jpg   stagetwo.jpg  stagethree.jpg

2W23 Greece – Inspiration

10 10 2007

Trip to Greece

This week I spent my time shooting some photos to use them as a starting point for my backgrounds. I had the chance to take 2 days off my work so I plan a trip to Greece just for shooting some photos. Greece is a very inspiring place for me and it seems in one way or another I have influence my son and he is very attractive to ‘ancient’ stories and myths.

Greece -Sounio

The Backgrounds

After some testing and thinking I end up not to use any movies within my final project since it is impossible to be view online by anyone. The amount of images that I want use is already huge by not having motion. So let’s say I end up with 50 images of around 100-120kb each I will end up with around 5meg just for images. That is a lot already with not even count the size of interactive site. I need to come up with a better compression for the images if I want to have that amount of images in my project.

2W22 Tutorial

3 10 2007

The Project


 This week I had my first tutorial for my 2nd and last year of my MADA. I chat with Jonathan about my project and how I am I doing and going in general with it. I was glad that he liked my idea and how it was evolved in the course of my project.


We chat about the changes I will make and the amount of images I will include in my interactive storyboard. As I told him I will try to make around 50 unique images. The only limitation I am worried about is the technical side of my project. For example I am not sure how ‘heavy’ the side will be to be viewed and load from any user around the world. My major concern will be if I will add a ‘moving’ background at each image. That will make a total of 50+ movies to be added in my project of 600kb each approximately; so I will end up with 35meg just for the moving images which is a lot for a web based presentation/project. I will make some tests to see if I can lower the compression of each movie, if the resolution is bad I rather go with quality and have the backgrounds still.