2W20 My kind of Storyboard

23 09 2007


Well my final project will be an interactive storyboard. A storyboard that it will be interactive in a way that it will need the users input to work out and presented as a final storyboard. The user will be able to choose music and images (in any order he likes) and create his own unique storyboard, the similar way that a kids mind works.

The production

The images will be done the same way as https://dotworld.wordpress.com/2007/07/25/2w14-first-image/. The only think I will add on the image/s will be a moving, either background or some prop within the image. The way it will be presented, will be within a flash movie. I haven’t decide the number of images I will create, but all these will be decided after the first 5 images where I will count the time that it takes me to create them.




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