2W18 Looking back

5 09 2007

The evolution


 When I am looking back how I started my project and where I am going, I can see clearly an evolution of ideas and thoughts. One thing that makes me content is the development from a single idea to a productive and challenging piece of digital art.


When I first started my project I was so focused on what I want to do; and that was a 3d animation story out of my sons’ stories. I didn’t pay much attention to the actual meaning of this project until around the mid to end of last years MADA.  I realized that I needed to explore more and in greater depth my sons mind and not just the stories as he tells them. They are so many factors that influence his way of thinking at the giving time where he narrates his story.


The process of ‘blog diary’ made my way of thinking to grow along with my blog, and lead me to my final project idea; and finally, made me wonder if making a 3d animation was an actually challenge for me. Since I work all day on 3d projects at work I realized that making a 3d animation was going to be just another project, but this time off work. So where is the challenge in this? I had to find something I never tried before, so I end up thinking the idea of still images made out of pencil end up into a digital painting and then present them in a way to create a huge interactive storyboard; where each viewer can recreate his own storyboard out these images in a nonlinear way.


Digital Painting


When I first drew my first digital image https://dotworld.wordpress.com/2007/07/25/2w14-first-image/  it was a real challenge for me. It was something that I never done before; the steps where all unknown to me. I had to look on several books and info on the net to help me going on.


The Project


The only thing I am a bit upset is that I never got a replay from Jonathan and Andy about my work in process and my PGPD. One way or another I am sure that there is no problem with my work and I hope they will give me some guides about it.




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