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3 09 2007

PGPD Games Are Not Art


I have spent my week by reading some articles on the net referring to ‘Games Are Not Art’ and I have found out some interesting points of view that I would like to introduce to my paper. One of them  can be found at http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2098&Itemid=2.


In this article Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear creator) points out that ‘…It’s something of a service. It’s not art…’ and he continues by saying in general lines that only some pieces of the game may consider art, but the game as a whole can not be called art. Of course I don’t agree with it at all and this is a point I would point out in my paper.



Games, like every other form of art are created by several stages and pieces put together to get the final product. For example in still life drawing(most of the times) a drawing takes some pre-organized stages, like outlining the composition and where you want to place each of your item. Then you add colour, brush strokes etc, so you end up with one big art piece put together by smaller ‘pieces’, so like video games your end product  is made out of pieces of art.

The images below is from an upcoming video game called Limbo

.Limbo image1 

Limbo image2





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