2W13 PGPD Abstract

25 07 2007

This week I spent the time trying to figure out what I want to research for my PGPD. After a lot of research questions like Digital Actor: a superstar?, is rotoscoping art or fake/cheating, printed or electronic media?, I end up with something that I always liked. The art behind video games, is it there or not?

This is my PGPD question after a lot of research

Video Games should be considered as art?


In this paper I argue that many modern video games should be consider art. I offer reasons for thinking that video games can be art according to Mimetic theories, Expressive theories, Formalist theories, Processional theories and Aestheticism. Overall, I argue that while many video games probably should not be considered art, there are good reasons to think that some video games should be classified as art.




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