2W7/9 France

16 07 2007


During my holiday to France I came across modern and classic art. After Eurodisnay we went to Paris, were he had the chance to visit several museums and sights of great ‘art value’.


The many museums of Paris are fascinating gateways to knowledge, creation and human adventure. There are the”greats” which give the visitor the opportunity to see some of the greatest works of art ever created by human genius. The greatest of all, in my opinion, was Louvre Museum. Its buildings offering a journey through time, while its galleries display works that arouse the full range of human responses, from admiration and wonder, to curiosity, lust, and anger.

My Son and the Louvre

‘Dad I am tired, lets go back to the hotel’…that’s what my son told me after of 15min of walking into Louvre. Then I tried to strike his interest by explaining to him several paintings and the story behind each one of them. How quickly he chance his mind impressed me and he was asking for more stories. He started to associate the stories of the paintings with the stories he learned from school, from books, from us (family) etc.




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