2W11 Project Ideas

16 07 2007


I am thinking of changing the way my final project will look. I am not sure if I want to make one story out of my son stories. I am thinking to create several images out of my son stories and then let the viewer to decide the sequence of these images…. The idea is to create a big ‘interactive’ storyboard.

Creating the Images

The idea it’s to create several illustrations combining 3d and traditional images. An example will be… firstly to draw the image on paper with pencil, then import the image into computer. After I scan the image I will digitally process it and work over it with my tablet and finally to compose it with my 3D environment model or effects.

Each image will be created in a more ‘adult way’; meaning that even the image is taken out of my son stories it will be drawn in a non-children style, but in a style or a way that an adult can see the very same image

Interactive Storyboard

The outcome that I want to achieve is to create an interactive storyboard. The viewer will be able to choose out of several images and rearrange them the way he wants. That way he will create a story. He will create his on personal story; a story that comes out of my sons stories.




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