2W14 First Image

25 07 2007

This week I spent my time drawing my first image for my ‘storyboard’. This is an octopus taken out of my sons story. ‘…and the octopus was watching the fish swim by…’. I am still not sure if I want to add motion into my images. It’s something I would like to ‘chat’ about.

Anyways this image took around 15hours to completed. See below the stages and layers that took to complete this image.

octopus2.jpg octopus3.jpg octopus4.jpg octopus5.jpg octopus6.jpg  octopus8.jpg octopus10.jpg octopus11.jpg octopus12.jpg


2W13 PGPD Abstract

25 07 2007

This week I spent the time trying to figure out what I want to research for my PGPD. After a lot of research questions like Digital Actor: a superstar?, is rotoscoping art or fake/cheating, printed or electronic media?, I end up with something that I always liked. The art behind video games, is it there or not?

This is my PGPD question after a lot of research

Video Games should be considered as art?


In this paper I argue that many modern video games should be consider art. I offer reasons for thinking that video games can be art according to Mimetic theories, Expressive theories, Formalist theories, Processional theories and Aestheticism. Overall, I argue that while many video games probably should not be considered art, there are good reasons to think that some video games should be classified as art.

2W12 Tablet

16 07 2007



My tablet is here…cheer… I never had the chance to work on a tablet before, and for sure it is something that amazed me. The pressure is awesome and it feels (almost) like a real traditional drawing materials. This week I spend just trying to set it up and doing some tutorials




This week and the previous one I couldn’t get online (BB) and unfortunately we couldn’t chat. I hope by next week the chat board is working again.



I start reading the books about MAYA and special effects this week. It is very interesting that one of the things that makes effects animation so engaging is that are rarely cut-and-dried solutions to any given problem.

2W11 Project Ideas

16 07 2007


I am thinking of changing the way my final project will look. I am not sure if I want to make one story out of my son stories. I am thinking to create several images out of my son stories and then let the viewer to decide the sequence of these images…. The idea is to create a big ‘interactive’ storyboard.

Creating the Images

The idea it’s to create several illustrations combining 3d and traditional images. An example will be… firstly to draw the image on paper with pencil, then import the image into computer. After I scan the image I will digitally process it and work over it with my tablet and finally to compose it with my 3D environment model or effects.

Each image will be created in a more ‘adult way’; meaning that even the image is taken out of my son stories it will be drawn in a non-children style, but in a style or a way that an adult can see the very same image

Interactive Storyboard

The outcome that I want to achieve is to create an interactive storyboard. The viewer will be able to choose out of several images and rearrange them the way he wants. That way he will create a story. He will create his on personal story; a story that comes out of my sons stories.

2W10 Books arrived

16 07 2007

Books arrived


Finally my books are here.

E-on Software’s Vue 6 Revealed

Mastering Maya 8.5

Maya Professional Tips and Techniques

Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator’s Guide

The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book:Creative Techniques in Digital Painting

….and many more (see images below)

books7 books1 books6 books4 books5

These books will greatly help my digital and traditional art work and surely broad my horizon in techniques and ways of ‘doing’ and solving several problems, like special effects, composition etc.


I have order a tablet as well… Genius PenSketch 9×12. I hope it will be here soon.

Second Life

As I told Andy and Jonathan I cant take part of second life project since I am at work at that time. Anyways I remember saying its not necessary to do so.

2W7/9 France

16 07 2007


During my holiday to France I came across modern and classic art. After Eurodisnay we went to Paris, were he had the chance to visit several museums and sights of great ‘art value’.


The many museums of Paris are fascinating gateways to knowledge, creation and human adventure. There are the”greats” which give the visitor the opportunity to see some of the greatest works of art ever created by human genius. The greatest of all, in my opinion, was Louvre Museum. Its buildings offering a journey through time, while its galleries display works that arouse the full range of human responses, from admiration and wonder, to curiosity, lust, and anger.

My Son and the Louvre

‘Dad I am tired, lets go back to the hotel’…that’s what my son told me after of 15min of walking into Louvre. Then I tried to strike his interest by explaining to him several paintings and the story behind each one of them. How quickly he chance his mind impressed me and he was asking for more stories. He started to associate the stories of the paintings with the stories he learned from school, from books, from us (family) etc.