2W06 …PGPD

25 05 2007


This week we had a chat with Paul about PGPD. Even thought I was at work I did read the chat log and it was pretty helpful. By next time, when we are having a chat with Paul, we must present our research question; a question or an idea where my research should hopefully inform my practice. Deadline for PGPD is November 21st by 5pm


I have gathered all of my books and my research materials. I have also got my self a tablet where it will help me to put some traditional art work into my 3D work, meaning that by using the tablet is like using any natural medium, like oil paint and charcoal, on the computer more ‘naturally’ than the standard mouse and keyboard input medium.

This week I have made some test using Zbrush and Photoshop. See below some of the early tests since I use Zbrush for first time.





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