2W05 …tutorial

25 05 2007


This week I had my private tutorial with Jonathan and Andy. We had a great chat as it come the future of my project. I think I have come to a point where I can say for certain how my project will look. I decide that I will do several images mix media (digital) and then I will put them in a way where someone can choose the images he wants and put them in any order where he can create his own story.


I will try to explain how my project how will look and how I will be developed it step by step.

1) Every week I will choose one of my son stories

2) From that story I will pick the most interesting scene

3) I will develop that scene into a digital image – it can be a drawing scanned and digitally mastered, a 3d modeling with special FX, a straight to digital canvas drawing, a mix of the above, a combination of photographs and digital medium etc

4) At the end I will put all the images together and I will create an interactive site where someone can put in any order the images in any order and create his own story.




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