2W04 …more books

14 05 2007


I have order some books online and I should have them any time soon. I have order books about Digital Story, tutorials and training for the software I am going to use as well as a tablet where I am going to use it to digital paint. I will write down on my blog more info on my next entry where I will hopefully have my order delivered.


This couple of weeks I am not going to be that active as I have a huge project to deliver at work, of course I will make it on my tutorial on Tuesday so I will have more to write about on my blog next week.


This week I study some ‘Digital Storytelling’ for references.

http://tech-head.com/dstory.htm This is more like a portal to Storytelling sites. I have followed a lot of the links, so I will put down the best and the most interesting ones

The World of Digital Storytelling By Corey Hitchcock [Internet] Available from: http://www.sfgate.com/technology/specials/1997/dstorytelling.shtml [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

Bramble Town By Brent Wood [Internet] Available from: http://www.brambletown.com/ [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

An Extraordinary Life By Katharine Drexel [Internet] Available from: http://inquirer.philly.com/specials/2000/drexel/ [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

Digital Story Bee By Abbe Don Interactive, Inc. [Internet] Available from: http://www.bubbe.com/dsb/index.html [Accessed 12 May, 2006]




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