2W06 …PGPD

25 05 2007


This week we had a chat with Paul about PGPD. Even thought I was at work I did read the chat log and it was pretty helpful. By next time, when we are having a chat with Paul, we must present our research question; a question or an idea where my research should hopefully inform my practice. Deadline for PGPD is November 21st by 5pm


I have gathered all of my books and my research materials. I have also got my self a tablet where it will help me to put some traditional art work into my 3D work, meaning that by using the tablet is like using any natural medium, like oil paint and charcoal, on the computer more ‘naturally’ than the standard mouse and keyboard input medium.

This week I have made some test using Zbrush and Photoshop. See below some of the early tests since I use Zbrush for first time.



2W05 …tutorial

25 05 2007


This week I had my private tutorial with Jonathan and Andy. We had a great chat as it come the future of my project. I think I have come to a point where I can say for certain how my project will look. I decide that I will do several images mix media (digital) and then I will put them in a way where someone can choose the images he wants and put them in any order where he can create his own story.


I will try to explain how my project how will look and how I will be developed it step by step.

1) Every week I will choose one of my son stories

2) From that story I will pick the most interesting scene

3) I will develop that scene into a digital image – it can be a drawing scanned and digitally mastered, a 3d modeling with special FX, a straight to digital canvas drawing, a mix of the above, a combination of photographs and digital medium etc

4) At the end I will put all the images together and I will create an interactive site where someone can put in any order the images in any order and create his own story.

2W04 …more books

14 05 2007


I have order some books online and I should have them any time soon. I have order books about Digital Story, tutorials and training for the software I am going to use as well as a tablet where I am going to use it to digital paint. I will write down on my blog more info on my next entry where I will hopefully have my order delivered.


This couple of weeks I am not going to be that active as I have a huge project to deliver at work, of course I will make it on my tutorial on Tuesday so I will have more to write about on my blog next week.


This week I study some ‘Digital Storytelling’ for references.

http://tech-head.com/dstory.htm This is more like a portal to Storytelling sites. I have followed a lot of the links, so I will put down the best and the most interesting ones

The World of Digital Storytelling By Corey Hitchcock [Internet] Available from: http://www.sfgate.com/technology/specials/1997/dstorytelling.shtml [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

Bramble Town By Brent Wood [Internet] Available from: http://www.brambletown.com/ [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

An Extraordinary Life By Katharine Drexel [Internet] Available from: http://inquirer.philly.com/specials/2000/drexel/ [Accessed 11 May, 2006]

Digital Story Bee By Abbe Don Interactive, Inc. [Internet] Available from: http://www.bubbe.com/dsb/index.html [Accessed 12 May, 2006]

2W03 …mada2

3 05 2007

This week chat

This week we had a chat with Jonathan where he layout the next 30 weeks of the course and what he expect from us. He outlined everything very clear and in general the chat was very useful.

Something we said and I found it very interesting, is to enjoy the Journey… I sure do J but I can’t wait to start on the production of my short film.

The main focus for MADA2 will be contextualisation – Research – Prototype

I will try to break down the meaning of each one as simple as I can (so I can understand them 😉 )


What we have to do here is to find and understand others people ideas and work, which is similar or close to our ideas.


We need to continue our practical artwork and we need to research the finding of our context.


Here we need to outline the pattern for our finished product.

2W02 Pie Chart

3 05 2007

…under development