2W01…the ‘Chart’

24 04 2007


Here we go with second unit…


I have build a chart (finally) where is going to help me understand and realize my son’s way of thinking. This chart is based; and was developed, according my sons stories.

I will explain how and the way I formulate this chart. I will wright down the steps, in a calendar way, I took to make this as clear as possible.

1) 09:00 – 17:00 Working at the TV station

2) 17:30 back home

3) First thing is to have a conversation with my son and see how he spent his day. What did he do at school, what did he eat and what cartoons he watched.

4) Then I will have a conversation with his grandmother (he takes care of him until we get back from work) to see if he behave and was a good kid all day. Mostly to find out if anything in that particular day bothered him

5) Then we will go home and play; if the weather is good outside or in the house. (read a story, paint, play football, practice karate etc) – 3 days a week he goes karate and English lesson.

6) Around 19:00 we will have a dinner as a family and talk a little more about his day

7) 19:30 he will watch cartoons

8) Around 20:00 he will take a bath and…

9) …Bed time story

What I did this week I change the game time (see num 5) to a story telling time by him. So I will have my son to tell me a story and then I will compare and observe if this story is influenced by any way from his all day activities.

By next week I will have down the chart in a percentage form…maybe a pie chart 🙂




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