1W32 …the ‘List’

23 04 2007


At the moment I am trying to build the chart of things that influence my son’s way of thinking and at what extend.

This week

This week I have gathered the things that play a big role in my son’s life and his way of thinking.

In no particular order here is the list:

Father, Mother, Grandmother (N), Grandfather (A), Grandmother (R), Grandfather (G), Karate, Xbox (sci-fi game), Wii(sport game), uncle (T), auntie (G), pet, gardening, school (classmates, teacher), relatives (An, Iak, Raf, Ioan, Th), Cartoons (wo, Sc), DvD (Sw)

Until next week I will break down the list with more info until I reach to a point where I can put the list in an order of the amount they influence him.




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