1W30 …story development

10 04 2007

The Story

“… and then a power spell was cast from the mage…” these words are part of my latest sons’ story. His new story involves magic, casting spells and fighting from distance.


There is a certain pattern that I can see in the development of my sons’ stories. From a very close combat stories/fights, he moved to a more “distance” fights. As he crows up he realized the danger of close combat and he seems to understand what the outcome may be out of such a fight. I am certain that the main factor to lead him to this change is his karate lessons. The more he gets into karate the more he realizes the dangers of such a fight. It is not that he afraid, but is more the knowledge he gains from the lessons. He knows that no fight is good, unless you are in a great danger. He learned that even though you may be stronger you better avoid the fight.




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