1W28 …second life

21 03 2007

Hmmm, and again hmmm… last chat we had Andy mention something about a gathering in second life… something like a virtual meeting of all Camberwell art students, Camberwell’s art week.

So I went and created an account… my nick is Pavaho Dagger by the way, and first think I did was to log in. After a 5min of wondering and doing some kind of tutorials I just logged out. Even though I am a big fun of mmorpg games, like world of warcraft, I found this a bit distracting, as it comes the controls and the interface; after all it is an online game. I think I have to spend more than five minutes to check it out and decide if this is worth any time of my first life. Me and Jess thought about opening a store within the ‘game’, more details upon request ;), but we may have some technical problems with the design of the products.

So this short week will be a Second Life week, and finishing the essay before Friday, since I’ll be abroad for 4days (going to Greece), and send it to Andy.




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