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21 03 2007

Ok, this week I was totally on the net looking for some similar artists, work or even stories, to mine and I came across some very interesting conclusions.

The most interesting part is when I came across some artists; artist at the age of 4 to 12, and I compare them to my sons work or even one to each either. This is one of the sites http://www.arts.ufl.edu/art/rt_room/@rt_gallery.html where you can check some drawings with the same subject. Castlemedia is a great website as well, http://www.castlemedia.com/content/viewPage.jsp?pageIndex=1&documentIndex=0&documentType=106&lang=en  

A 3years old drawing of a monster and 5 years old drawing of the king and the queen.

monstersun.jpg   kingqueen.jpg

Well my conclusion out of this research is that kids see the world with different eye, thought they have many similar ideas and perspectives as it comes the subject of their drawings. I guess at the end is what we “feed” the kids as it’s not totally up to them to decide what to do when it comes to activities or what to watch on TV etc. It is up to each parent to recognize what his/her kid like and help him/her to develop his/her skills.





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