1W26 Reading and…more reading

21 03 2007

This is week was full of reading… I did finish 2 books; something very unlike me J.

The first one was Peter K. Smith, Helen Cowie and Mark Blades Understanding Children’s Development 4th edition. Blackwell Publishing, 2003; and the other one Dr. Miriam Stoppard. Questions Children ask and how to answer them. DK publications, 2005.

If the book is not about art or a training book then it’s not even possible to go and read more than 2 pages, but for research reasons I had to go through this. Dr. Miriam Stoppard points out some great questions and answers about kids in general; you get a more general idea of how kids think and respond to several situations. Now the book “Understanding Children’s Development” is more the scientific approach of the kids’ development; like how the kids get influence by TV or other activities.

Even thought I don’t like to read these kinds of books I found them very helpful as it comes to understand and re-think my story. Some books left on the way and of to actual development and production of my project.





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