1W24 Presentation-production

8 03 2007

Well this week I spend it to produce my Video Presentation. It sure took me a lot of time to put this video together. I wish I had more time on it. Anyways, what I did was to split the actual video of my son with the world of adults, or better to the things and the way I see it. So when my son narrates about a strange bird I have a drawing of the bird the way I see it and the description my son gives about the bird, and so on. You can get a better idea if you watch the whole video.

I used After Effect for compositing the video and the graphics together and Vegas for adding the sound and editing the video a bit. As for the music I take NO credits since its copyrighted to the rightful owners, I only take credits for the editing of it.

You can view it either on youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=j4VhMxiJ-y0 or you can download the wmv version from dot-studios.com/fin.wmv




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