1W28 …second life

21 03 2007

Hmmm, and again hmmm… last chat we had Andy mention something about a gathering in second life… something like a virtual meeting of all Camberwell art students, Camberwell’s art week.

So I went and created an account… my nick is Pavaho Dagger by the way, and first think I did was to log in. After a 5min of wondering and doing some kind of tutorials I just logged out. Even though I am a big fun of mmorpg games, like world of warcraft, I found this a bit distracting, as it comes the controls and the interface; after all it is an online game. I think I have to spend more than five minutes to check it out and decide if this is worth any time of my first life. Me and Jess thought about opening a store within the ‘game’, more details upon request ;), but we may have some technical problems with the design of the products.

So this short week will be a Second Life week, and finishing the essay before Friday, since I’ll be abroad for 4days (going to Greece), and send it to Andy.


1W27 …research

21 03 2007

Ok, this week I was totally on the net looking for some similar artists, work or even stories, to mine and I came across some very interesting conclusions.

The most interesting part is when I came across some artists; artist at the age of 4 to 12, and I compare them to my sons work or even one to each either. This is one of the sites http://www.arts.ufl.edu/art/rt_room/@rt_gallery.html where you can check some drawings with the same subject. Castlemedia is a great website as well, http://www.castlemedia.com/content/viewPage.jsp?pageIndex=1&documentIndex=0&documentType=106&lang=en  

A 3years old drawing of a monster and 5 years old drawing of the king and the queen.

monstersun.jpg   kingqueen.jpg

Well my conclusion out of this research is that kids see the world with different eye, thought they have many similar ideas and perspectives as it comes the subject of their drawings. I guess at the end is what we “feed” the kids as it’s not totally up to them to decide what to do when it comes to activities or what to watch on TV etc. It is up to each parent to recognize what his/her kid like and help him/her to develop his/her skills.


1W26 Reading and…more reading

21 03 2007

This is week was full of reading… I did finish 2 books; something very unlike me J.

The first one was Peter K. Smith, Helen Cowie and Mark Blades Understanding Children’s Development 4th edition. Blackwell Publishing, 2003; and the other one Dr. Miriam Stoppard. Questions Children ask and how to answer them. DK publications, 2005.

If the book is not about art or a training book then it’s not even possible to go and read more than 2 pages, but for research reasons I had to go through this. Dr. Miriam Stoppard points out some great questions and answers about kids in general; you get a more general idea of how kids think and respond to several situations. Now the book “Understanding Children’s Development” is more the scientific approach of the kids’ development; like how the kids get influence by TV or other activities.

Even thought I don’t like to read these kinds of books I found them very helpful as it comes to understand and re-think my story. Some books left on the way and of to actual development and production of my project.


1W25 After the Presentation

8 03 2007

2 days ago I had my work presented to all the MADA students and both Jonathan and Andy (instructors). I got some great questions and feedbacks. We had a great discussion on the formula, in a way, I am using to compose my own story from my son stories.

Jonathan thinks the idea of using the child’s ideas and reworking them in an ‘adult’ way is interesting, it is the actual transfer of the ideas where some unusual things could occur, and this exactly what I am trying to achieve.

Well, overall it was a nice presentation with some great responses.

1W24 Presentation-production

8 03 2007

Well this week I spend it to produce my Video Presentation. It sure took me a lot of time to put this video together. I wish I had more time on it. Anyways, what I did was to split the actual video of my son with the world of adults, or better to the things and the way I see it. So when my son narrates about a strange bird I have a drawing of the bird the way I see it and the description my son gives about the bird, and so on. You can get a better idea if you watch the whole video.

I used After Effect for compositing the video and the graphics together and Vegas for adding the sound and editing the video a bit. As for the music I take NO credits since its copyrighted to the rightful owners, I only take credits for the editing of it.

You can view it either on youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=j4VhMxiJ-y0 or you can download the wmv version from dot-studios.com/fin.wmv

1W23 Presentation-preparation

8 03 2007

This week I have tried to gather all the materials Ill use for my presentation and put them in same order. After that I made a storyboard or better a chart of how I will break down my presentation.

The presentation its self will be more of a video/images oriented rather than a voice over explanation of my project. I thought since we have already the written part where it explain our aims and objectives of our project, just to concentrate more on the visuals that I get influence and inspire by.


Don’t forget to see my sketches and more website where I have upload it last week. I will keep adding more stuff any time I have the chance to scan the hand drawing images.