1W20 Tutorial

29 01 2007

The Project

It was about time, finally; one more tutorial from Andy (my supervisor), what a relief. One think is sure, he did help me to calm a bit down. We talk a bit about the content of the story rather the structure of it. Andy raised some questions that will help me develop my work. He did like my work up to now so this is very good as it comes of the development of the story. He did like more the idea that is the transfer from a Childs mind / perspective to the adult production and understanding of the story, and this is what he wants to see more to get developed. He also told me to slow a bit down and try to research the possible outcomes for this project and investigate what ways I could do this project.

My video presentation

I decide that I will do a mix media presentation… live video and sketches. The video will be the videos I capture about my son and the sketches that goes along with that. I need to find some kind of ambient sound as well.

Oups…I have notice that I did not upload the 2 last previous tasks… o well here they are. 🙂




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