1W14 draft proposal

2 01 2007

The Project

Today, (19 Dec 2006), I have sent my draft proposal for review to Andy. Until the final date I am sure I will change some things. First of all the look of the actual proposal will be more “creative”, but more important is my final research question that will help me more to develop my project proposal and follow a more strictly path rather than the massive world of kids thinking.  

This week also I have kept on reading more info about kids thinking and development. I have also draw a colour storyboard as I feel I need to start modelling and animate as soon as possible. I don’t know how much the rendering will take so this is something to consider of. I don’t think I will use mental ray since it will add on my render time (even thought that would be great), but I will rather simulate bounce lighting.


I will change my sketch web side again since I made the mistake to add many images and it’s heavy on downloading time. I will resample all the images to even smaller size, so this will keep the interactive sketches side down until I finish all the images manipulation.




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