1W13 Where do kids influence from?

2 01 2007

The Project
This week I start reading, Dr. Miriam Stoppard. Questions Children ask and how to answer them, DK publications, 2005, for my project. I finally end up with one and main research question witch is “the factors that can affect children’s thinking”. I made a map out of several “things” that can make a significant change and influence a kids thinking about the world. After I gather a lot of info from several books and web sites I can say for sure that the environment where the child grows up is the main factor of the thinking development. The people that surround them do play a big role on their development. This is a post, Available from: http://homeschooling.suite101.com/article.cfm/giving_kids_space_to_grow [Accessed 15 December, 2006] “Every child is different, and has a different way to respond creatively. For example, read a group of five children a story, then ask them to respond to the story. One might draw a picture, one might put on a puppet show, one might write a short story, one might want to talk about it, and the other might re-enact the whole story as drama.

  • Know the personality of your child, and how they tend to respond to situations/problems.
  • Encourage your child to pursue a different way of approaching problems. However, too much pressure can cause undue stress.
  • Learn to see the everyday creativity in your child”



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