1W12 Creatures and my Son

14 12 2006

The Project

This week I have tried to capture the image that my son has about imaginary creatures. From old and recent videos that I have of him telling stories I came to the conclusion that most of his stories include a beast or a giant mob. Always there is the good guy and the bad guy. The good against evil. I have also noticed that most of the times the good guy, and always this character is a male figure, is smaller or weaker than his opponent, witch is a male figure as well. Of course the good character always win and most of the times claim his price, and some others his just doing a good cause and he help the village, the people or what ever from a great danger


Still on track of my timetable

The Blog

I did not work a lot on my interactive sketch site because I spent my week preparing the story that I will work on, and I have read several books and tutorial that will help my research.




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