1W11 Kids learning processes

14 12 2006

The Project

After reading, Peter K. Smith, Helen Cowie and Mark Blades Understanding Children’s Development 4th edition. Blackwell Publishing, 2003, and searching the web like http://web4health.info/en/answers/child-imaginary-friend.htm I came to the conclusion that kids develop in a different way from each other. This is not something new, but what is new for me after my research is the learning processes. “Imprinting is often presented as a special form of learning, highly constrained in what is learnd and when it is learned. Many forms of learning are more flexible”. This quote is from Understanding Children’s Development 4th edition p.39. I will get into more details about the kids learning processes. This will be my main research question.


I am still following my timetable with out any delays. J

The Blog

My interactive sketch site is ready and completed. The only problem is to find some time to make it smaller in size so it’s more accessible with not many download time.




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