1W9 Timetable weeks 9-14

15 11 2006

The Project

This week I made some research about interactive web pages and the looks of some interfaces. You can see clearly that I got a major influence from http://300themovie.warnerbros.com/ site. I think or better I am sure that this movie and the art work behind this movie will be my guidance for my project.


For this week we had a task to make our own timetable for weeks 9 to 14. This timetable it will be about research and studding of the materials that we gathered until now, that has to do with our project and develop from there. My timetable is split into five categories; read, web, to do, research and reflect. Read section will cover the things I have to read to help me on my research. Web is the place where I can gather more information about my project. To Do is the things I have to complete each week. Research is the topic where I’m researching at the current week and reflect is the reflection of each week on my web blog.

The Blog

I have import a screenshot of my interface at my blog where it shows the final stage of my sketch interactive site. I have also made a special section for my timetable where you can download the whole timetable in PDF form.




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