1W8 Trophy

9 11 2006

The Project

This week I came up with the title of my project; it will be called “trophy”. The story will be about a warrior that fights against a beast and as his reward he gets a trophy. This will be the theme of my story. The next couple of weeks I will work on the story. I’m not sure yet the details of my story, but I know more of the look I want to follow; I will make a bit more of a research about Frank Millers work.


We finally made it and we complete our group project. I think we made a pretty good job and we deliver it on time. My piece, I believe, came out pretty good and my part of the project was well structured. I am sure we all worked hard and the result was better than what I expected to be.

The Blog

My interactive web site is almost ready. I have made the interface and now I’m working on the flash file. Some sketches left to scan them and imported into the site. I think by the end of next week it will be ready




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